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Posters for Indoor & Outdoor Frames

Prices DO NOT include the frames

£ 7.00 Plus VAT & Delivery

Polyester Stock & UV Inks

  • Suitable for use in outdoor poster frames
  • Suitable for long-term displays (3-6 months depending on where board is displayed)
  • UV Inks are fade-resistant but may fade if placed in very strong sunlight for prolonged periods of time
  • Polyester stock does not need to be laminated as it is water-resistant
  • All prices are + VAT

Standard Poster Paper & Standard Inks

  • Suitable for outdoor poster frames on a short-term basis
  • Suitable for short-term promotions
  • Standard inks will fade if in direct sunlight, particularly red ink
  • Standard poster paper will be damaged if it becomes wet
  • Not suitable to be left in poster frames in the rain or if frames are placed in a location where they may become wet
  • All prices are + VAT