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Metallic Foil Flyers & Invitations

Create luxurious Flyers & Invitations by adding a metallic foil finish

  • Ideal for Marketing Materials or Invitations
  • Printed in sizes A4, A5, A6 (Invitation/Postcard size) & DL (1/3 A4)
  • Printed onto 350g or 400g Silk Stock
  • Printed single or double sided
  • Laminated single or double sided in Soft Touch Laminate (item must be laminated on the side that is to be foiled)
  • Foil colour options are Gold, Silver, Copper, Green & Red printed single sided only (Item can be printed double sided but only one side can be finished with Metallic Foil)
  • For a small extra charge, our In-House Design Studio can create a bespoke design for your Flyer or Invitation. However, if you wish to supply your own Artwork, please follow the Artwork Specifications below:-

Artwork Specifications

Bleed 3mm All Round
Resolution 300 dpi minimum
Format PDF
Colour CMYK
Fonts Outlined or Embedded
Additional Any foiling must be at least 3mm from the trim edge.
The minimum font size is 10pt and line weights should be at least 1pt.

If you are printing a one-sided document, then a 2-page PDF is required:
Page 1 is the CMYK artwork and page 2 is the Foil artwork.

If you are printing a double-sided document, with foil, please submit a 4-page PDF:

Page 1 is the front of the artwork
Page 2 is the back of the artwork
Page 3 is the Foil artwork for the front
Page 4 is blank.

The Foil artwork should contain solid black shapes in the exact position where the Foil is required. Please ensure Foil artwork is 100% black only and does not contain any cyan, magenta or yellow. We advise that Foil artwork is supplied as vector to ensure the best result.

Downloads and Files

File Size Download
Flyer Templates - 148mm x 148mm 0.1mb
Flyer Templates - 210mm x 210mm <0.5mb
Flyer Templates - A4 <0.5mb
Flyer Templates - A5 <0.5mb
Flyer Templates - A6 0.8mb
Flyer Templates - A7 0.9mb
Flyer Templates - DL 0.7mb