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Foam Board Signs

Our Foam Board Signs come in a range of materials, thicknesses and sizes


    • These durable strong substrates are ideal for use both indoor & outdoors
    • Choose from various thicknesses of boards
    • With the textured or PVC style surfaces, Foam Board Signs provide a lightweight choice for great printing quality
    • There is also the option for a scratch resistant gloss varnish to be added
    • Foam boards can also be drilled with holes to easily allow them to be fixed to a surface

    Artwork Specification

    • Scale of 1:1
    • Include 3mm bleed on all sides
    • Supply as a CMYK PDF, preferably in PDF/x1a
    • Outline or embed fonts
    • 150dpi resolution
    • Saved as a pdf
    Foam Board Signs
    Foam Board Signs

    Downloads and Files

    Sign Templates - 1450mm x 2800mm1.4mb
    Sign Templates - 200mm x 200mm0.9mb
    Sign Templates - 20in x 30in0.5mb
    Sign Templates - 30in x 40in1.1mb
    Sign Templates - 40in x 60in1.1mb
    Sign Templates - 500mm x 700mm1.0mb
    Sign Templates - 700mm x 1000mm1.0mb
    Sign Templates - A11.1mb
    Sign Templates - A21.1mb
    Sign Templates - A30.9mb
    Sign Templates - A40.0mb